SquareTrade Warranties releases data indicating iPhone 4 is more prone to accident damage

SquareTrade Warranties, one of the largest independent warranty providers in the world, has compiled accident data involving more than 20,000 iPhones 4 to profile the gadget in its first four months on the market. Unfortunately, it seems that he is somewhat more clumsy than his predecessor.

Estimated iPhone 4 Accidental Damage - SquareTrade

The graph above shows an estimated projected damage rate from accidents involving the new Apple smartphone and a comparison with the corresponding data on the iPhone 3GS. For the first four months after the purchase, the accident rate has increased by almost 70%, and the projection indicates that 15.5% of iPhones 4 will suffer some type of accidental damage during the first year in their users' careless hands.

Types of accidental damage to the iPhone 4 - SquareTrade

And what is the most common type of damage? Broken glass wins by far, in 82% of cases, followed by liquid damage in 17% of cases. On the other hand, total spontaneous failures remain restricted to 0.5% of cases, a rate virtually identical to that of 3GS and far below most electronics in general.

One of the conclusions of this survey was that the iPhone 4 is much more fragile than its predecessor, especially because of the two glass surfaces at the rear, by the way, it involves about a quarter of the broken glass cases (it is not yet known for sure the role of sliding cases for that). The differentiated composition of the reinforced glass seems to have been compensated by the structure that exposes it more easily to damage, resulting in a negative final balance.

Apparently, glass edges exposed on a laptop like the iPhone or iPod touch contribute to tears as well as to the refined design. Perhaps it would be better to leave this type of thing for televisions and desktops (in homes without young children) and put a more resistant type of construction in products that are subject to the weather of constant manipulation.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)