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Spyzie: Android Spy Application, How Does It Work?

Spyzie is one of the most useful applications today. With the promise of locating smartphones and tablets, the favorite among parents worldwide to keep an eye on their children.

With the advance of technology many habits have changed. Using an instrument phone for entertainment is more than a reality, certainly a substitute for television.

The handset further assumes the role of assistant, service provider and helps in interacting with friends. With all this versatility, it would not be long before it was also used as a kind of protector.

From the Spyzie app you can know all the routes of teenage children, and block other malicious apps. Here we will inform you about other important functions of this amazing software.

What is spyzie for?

Spyzie: Android spy app, how does it work?

Spyzie is a type of spy application. It a monitoring software for mobile and tablet. Its use recommends for parental control of young people.

It can also be used in business mode, from the consent of the employees, it is used to map their action. In this case, it is important to have registered the acceptance of the employee who has their smartphone monitored.

The app is not free, you need to access the official website ( of the product to hire the service.

What are the main functions of the app?

Spyzie offers a large list of functions for those who hire them. Possibilities include:

  • Track calls from the tracked phone:view the list of all calls on the phone (outgoing, received, missed);
  • Check SMS:have access to SMS messages sent to the device;
  • Check navigation history:You can keep track of the websites you are visiting on browsers installed on your phone or tablet. Know the portals visited by the children;
  • Keyboard Memory:One of the most amazing features of spyzie: you can know the last key presses on the device. It is possible to know the last number dialed, for example;
  • Email verification:If there is an email account registered in the mobile, have access. An indispensable tool for companies to keep track of whether email service is being used by employees properly;
  • Sound Tracking:Voice files recorded on the device can also be listened to by the app. It serves to monitor the voice messages that are sent;
  • Access to videos and photos:View entire library of videos and photos from your phone. This allows you to monitor what content of the photographs your children take and receive from others;
  • SIM Tracker:know if there has been any change in the SIM;
  • Remote Document Access:You can remotely access the downloaded documents folder. Important for companies that move sensitive documents with their employees;
  • Track apps:another important tool: have access to apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

All of these are very common youth activities. Knowing if they are talking to strangers is the main purpose of choosing this spy app.

What do I need to track Android devices?

Spyzie: Android spy app, how does it work?

Preserving children from pornographic sites or from malicious people moves parents to look for such resources. Of course no one would like to be so invasive. But sometimes we have no choice.

Also, many companies need to have full control over their employees' activities as they work on confidential matters and need to preserve themselves.

And to download Spyzie on Android devices I need to follow these steps:

  1. Initially I need to create a premium account on the platform (follow the website informed above to register);
  2. Then download and activate the app on the Android phone;
  3. Then select what to monitor;
  4. Finally just start the data transfer.

The process explained in a very accessible tutorial will have no problem understanding the necessary configuration. Control can be done on a notebook or PC by accessing Spyzie's web site.

Logging in to access the app's control panel, spying on everything that is happening on the monitored phone.

Spyzie signature values

We saw how much versatility is built into this spy app. But to take advantage of this technology you will need to hire the service.

Spyzie subscriptions are offered on monthly, quarterly and annual plans. They range from $ 93.14 to $ 314.99. Now just define what best suits your needs and protect your family.