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Spy malware found on Google play

Malicious software goes unnoticed, and is available in the Android store for some time.


Not all perfect, even with all the security a platform can guarantee, having a Google Play app in the sign of being free from malicious developers. The application called Radio Balouch, known as RB Music, functioned as a type of radio transmitter.

With all its functional features, the app contained a hidden functionality that aimed to steal the personal data of its users. ESET noted that there were two versions of the app in the store, both with over 100 installations and built-in spyware. A relatively small number when considering the gigantic base of users of the green robot, but it is nonetheless worrying.

The company warned Google and the app was quickly removed from the store.

ESET also notified Google that it has taken appropriate action.

While the recommendation to download apps from official sources is upheld, it also does not guarantee total security. Therefore, it is recommended that users review each application they intend to install on their devices and do not grant unnecessary permissions or functions. Also, always use a mobile security solution, says Camilo Gutierrez, head of ESET Latin America Research Laboratory.

So when installing an app on your Android, and prefer apps from the Google store, check and do a little research about that developer. Keep in mind that high rating applications, added to thousands of downloads, can be an interesting feature at the time of decision (among a not so popular alternative). Obviously, this does not guarantee total security, but it is already a plus. If a company with all Google's infrastructure, not immune to cheating, imagine that APK downloaded in the underworld ().

Until the next post, and beware of this Android, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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