Sputnik Eyes, Night Web Browser by Alex, Markdown Pro and more!

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Sputnik Eyes, created by Shelly Alon, is a game of puzzles for iPads and iPhones / iPods touch that will take you on a journey through space.

There are more than 60 hand-drawn levels to explore, filled with fantastic landscapes and insightful robots, space, planets and more!

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Help little Eyes to analyze and explore each planet on its way.

The objective is clear; the routes to get there, intertwined.

Use your logical thinking and help each of your robotic companions reach their position with the right color – only then can you analyze a planet.

But the positions are only reachable by certain routes …

Sputnik Eyes is a puzzle classic: with entertainment, but also with a real stimulus for your brain.

Think about it, explore all the planets and help your robotic companions!

Did you like it? Enjoy the offer and good fun!

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