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It's been a while since we wrote a review about Sprinkle, a very entertaining game in which the main character is a nice blue firefighter. Sprinkle Islands has recently hit the market, an app that promises even more fun. Learn more about him here in our review today.

Functions & Usage

As with Sprinkle, Sprinkle Islands aims to wipe out fires that keep happening one after the other with a water hose. Everything sounds very easy, but to get a good score you need to put out a lot of fire with little water.

To optimize consumption, many objects can be used. They will help the player to better route the hose. To be successful in the game, it takes a lot of patience and attention to how much water is being consumed and how much remains to be used in any subsequent fire.

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<p style=As for the previous Sprinkle, nothing much has changed in terms of controls: everything can be controlled with just one finger. To direct the hose you must click on the screen, but to make it work just touch the button referring to it.

In addition to the levels that the game has, it is also possible to play with the extras, which make everything more interesting. Now the means against fire are no longer aesthetic: they can be moved. Some bosses must be beaten at the end of each level.

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<p style=In all, there are four worlds with 12 levels each. The levels may seem low compared to the previous game, which came with 72. However, the new game may have some updates, not to mention that some levels require a lot of commitment from players.

Screen & Controls

Sprinkle Islands is quite simple to use and its graphic is quite fun, completely adapted to the game, as was the case with the previous app.

Speed ​​& Stability

Sprinkle Islands worked very well during our tests: smoothly and without any problems.

Price / Performance Ratio

Sprinkle Islands costs only 1 euro in the Play Store. As it is a game with great commitment and fantasy, we can not say that high price. For those who prefer to test the game, there is a free Lite version.

Final Verdict

If Sprinkle was already very popular, Sprinkle Islands means a better elaboration of that. The developers knew they would need to renovate and they did it efficiently.

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