SprayableTech: See how the system that transforms graphite art into TV switches and controls works

SprayableTech: See how the system that transforms graphite art into TV switches and controls works

SprayableTech can be applied to walls and furniture to control the TV without a remote control

Have you ever imagined a home without remote control, switches and other necessary control devices? We can say that all of this already exists and in a very unusual way. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed the SprayableTech. It is an innovation in which it allows the creation of intelligent interfaces for the house connected with graphite-style paints.

For example, with the SprayableTech, you can replace the switch in your home with a custom design that will have the same function: turn the light on and off. Another idea: you can use the arm of a dark sofa to turn it into control for your TV and the sensors are hidden with paint.

It is also possible to add musical notes to the graffiti walls and create songs from them.

From the video you can already understand how this innovation works and that it is doable. The secret behind this invention is the application of a layer of conductive paint, creating a circuit connected to a controller, which will be covered by the drawings created with the colored paint.

“As SprayableTech is so flexible in its application, you can imagine using this type of system in addition to walls and other surfaces. We can use this technology for interactive smart cities and interactive architecture in public places ”.

said MIT researcher Michael Wessely.

THE SprayableTech it depends a lot on the interface to be included on the wall or on another surface for the microcontroller (sensor) to work correctly. For example, as the video showed, it is possible to install several colored lights for your home and, from the installation of the lighting, create a custom graphite. Therefore, you need to think beyond the chosen graphite and consider the entire installation.

Before presenting the project, the developers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested the interactive graphite on different surfaces. THE SprayableTech it was used on a concrete pillar, lamp post, among others.

Next steps with SprayableTech

Man using SprayableTech to create musical notes on a concrete pillarIn addition to the wall, SprayableTech can be installed on sofas and other surfaces

The researchers' main objective is to include the SprayableTech in urban areas and provide more user-friendly interfaces through graphite. If possible, this technology can replace screens and allow people to have more futuristic experiences.

To popularize the innovation, the team is now looking for a way to develop modular (application drawing) brushes, which will allow to create several graffiti without having to use 3D publishers and other complexities to develop a design.

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