SpotMenu is a utility that integrates iTunes and Spotify with the macOS menu bar

Have you ever thought about having the music information playing in the macOS menu bar? Because the utility SpotMenu was created for that!

Shared on GitHub, the application was almost entirely developed in Swift and works successfully for both iTunes and Spotify. Yay!

SpotMenu Utility for macOS

SpotMenu is a combination of other software, such as TrayPlay and Statusfy.

Through a simple interface, it shows the name of the artist and the music by default, which can be changed by the user.

When accessed from the menu bar, it shows the album cover of the track being played and buttons that allow you to fast forward, rewind and pause in addition to other functions available in your preferences, such as:

  • Hide / show the artist's name in the menu bar;
  • Hide / show the name of the song in the menu bar;
  • Show a symbol that indicates when the music is playing;
  • Hide / show the SpotMenu icon in the menu bar;
  • Fix the window in the right corner of the bar;
  • Open SpotMenu when the Mac starts.

To install, just download the file [ZIP], extract it and run

It is possible that, during installation, an alert appears.

If this happens to you, you will need to go System Preferences Security and General Privacy and, in the option “Allow apps downloaded from”, authorize the installation.

Ta something that came in handy for those who use Spotify as a player on the Mac! 😉