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Spotify's video service comes to Android this week!

This week, Android users can count on Spotify's video streaming service. This is another one of those features that only iOS has, but after eight months in beta, it is apparently ready to be released to Google platform users.

One of the features that draw my attention to Spotify is the previous selection of music in categories. Using this feature, you have songs to train or even curate sounds that can change with your mood and so on. Now the Spotify folks want to bring this into the streaming music universe.

While we're still not sure which videos will be available, given what we currently have on iOS, they may be short music clips as well as specific episodes of popular TV shows. The service starts in the US, England, Germany and Sweden, but to give you an idea, as if you could watch your favorite humor shows through the Spotify app.

The service will not be advertised and will only work for the mobile version of Spotify.

The video below was released in May 2015 and shows how video streaming works on iOS. I don't think we'll have anything much more complex on Android. Take a look:

This way, if you have some free time and want more than music, you can use the app to see the news of the week in the "News of the Week" category. The cool thing is that those who use the service can now count on a slightly more immersive experience, without having to search content in other applications.

According to Spotify vice president of product Shiva Rajaraman interviewing The Wall Street Journal, the service will not be advertised and will only work for the mobile version of Spotify.

And would you stop using YouTube to watch unified video in categories pre-established by Spotify?