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Spotify wants to know if users want the app in official distros repositories

In a recent post on the streaming service forum, they asked the question in poll format.

One of the most famous streaming services in the world is once again looking at the open source world with love. It seems that once again they are paying attention to Linux.

Spotify wants to know if users want the app in official distro repositories

Recently I was surprised, when I came back from the gym and during the break of the songs (yes, I use Spotify Free) I heard in their propagation something like … download Spotify desktop now, with versions for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. I got that same serious face, I'm not in an alternate reality ??

And in what I was surprised again!?!

On Twitter's Andanas (enjoy following nis l CanalOCaraDoTI) I came across a tweet from Forbes journalist Jason Evangelho, who has already granted an interview for Diolinux, inclusive, showing a topic created by a Spotify community moderator, asking the Linux users, if they would like to see the program in the official distro repositories. Contextually, in the Spotify community, for an idea from outside their team to be brought into internal debate, I need to get a minimum of 500 votes, so they decide if it is viable or not. You can see a more detailed explanation here, according to themselves. The typical topic for voting, this one, to complete the vote just put a user and resolve their captcha. Ready, vote counted. This is very cool to see, companies wanting to have more than one way to distribute their products. In case of Spotify, they are already distributing officially via Snap or via community packaging, via Flatpak. Visit the post we made demonstrating how to get Spotify on Linux. I believe that this way of coming together in the repositories can officially reach more users and thus make life easier for people. Why not dream about a Whatsapp and Messenger (chat from Facebook) along the same lines would be quite interesting. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.


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