Spotify vs Deezer: Advantages and Disadvantages

Spotify vs Deezer: Advantages and Disadvantages

Let's follow our music app comparisons here on Apptuts. After talking about the advantages and disadvantages between Spotify vs Apple Music, now it's time for Spotify vs Deezer. Let's look at both here and decide which one is best for you.

Deezer has been around longer than Spotify. It started in 2007, while its competitor started in 2008. In addition, it is available in many more countries than its rival and was launched in Brazil in 2013, a year before Spotify. But it has a smaller number of subscribers, with just 7 million, compared to Spotify's more than 100 million.

Both have great advantages over each other, but can only have one winner among them. In this article, we'll compare all the differences between them, and see which one is the best fit for you.

1. Prices

One thing that greatly influences the Brazilian user how much he needs to invest, and this is no different in the case of music applications.

Starting with the first comparison tip between Spotify vs Deezer, let's look at how much I need to spend on these apps.

Deezer has several plans, ranging from the free, where you can listen to anything you want in random order, in lower quality and with interruptions to the most expensive HiFi, which offers the possibility to listen to your music without any loss of quality, in FLAC format.

The plans offered are all on a monthly fee: free, where you pay nothing; individual, which costs $ 16.90; family, which costs R $ 26.90 for access to 6 profiles; HiFi, which costs $ 33.80; and the student, which costs $ 8.45. This service has a partnership with TIM and offers free plans to users of several of the plans. Check out the link.

Spotify no longer offers the option of listening to music in FLAC format. It has the following plans, all in the monthly fee model: free, where you pay nothing but the songs are in random order and with interruptions; individual, which costs $ 16.90; family, which costs $ 26.90 with access to up to 6 accounts; student, which costs $ 8.50.

Both services offer a free three-month trial period for your individual premium plan. Deezer also offers 30 free days for your HiFi plan.

At this point we have a tie between the platforms. Both offer basically the same plans at the same prices and offer a free option.

Preos Spotify vs Deeze

2. Audio Quality

Probably the most important factor when it comes to listening to music. And as we're comparing Spotify vs. Deezer, two music and podcasting platforms, we can't help but evaluate that.

Can't forgetr qBecause applications are not the only factor for sound quality and the headphones you use count a lot for that, so we have a prepared list of best headphones to you.

Let's start this section with the one that undoubtedly offers the best quality: Deezer. Offer your content in FLAC format if you want to shell out a little more for the best plan. If not, it offers MP3 320kbps for premium, and MP3 128kbps for free plan.

Spotify uses the Ogg format for its mobile and desktop applications, which is slightly lower than MP3. For browser or Chromecast playback, use AAC. Playback in the first format is up to 320kbps if premium and 160kbps if not; Already in the second, 256kbps if premium, and 128kbps if no.

Both offer an in-app equalizer, which is quite simple to use, and fully customizable. To access and configure it, just go to the app options.

As has been said, here the victory goes to Deezer, who leaves the rival far behind. However, it is worth remembering that unless you have an excellent headset or speaker, you will not be able to notice the difference between them.

3. Compatibility

Something pretty cool to consider when choosing which of the music apps to use, where they work, what they're compatible with, and both of them are compatible with a lot.

Let's see first where the two work. Both have an online browser player that probably works on any of the best browsers available. However, the ones officially supported are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari for Deezer, and Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera for Spotify.

In addition, they are compatible with a wide range of devices. Both work with any bluetooth speaker, with all assistants using Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

By the way, if you want to know a little more about assistants, we have a comparison between the two largest, Google Assistant vs Siri, to see which one is worth it.

Both Spotify and Dezzer are also compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux, not to mention all SmartTV, Chromecast, Airplay and Xbox One. It also supports any smartwatch running watchOS 4.0 or later. higher, or android 4.3 or higher. They are compatible with numerous car apps like Waze and Android Auto.

Spotify vs Deezer compatibility

Now, in their differences, we will start by listing for Spotify, which works on the following (or later) versions: Android 4.1, iOS 11, MacOS 10.10, and Windows 7. It has unofficial Linux support, but a personal project from the developers of product. In addition, it works in conjunction with Playstation.

Deezer doesn't support Playstation or Linux, and works on the following (or newer) versions: any Android, iOS 11, MacOS 10, and Windows 7, plus you can use the player in your browser for Linux.

There is no real winner here, since both work on almost everything. Choose what you want and you can't choose wrong.

4. Offline library and music

In this area of ​​the battle between Spotify vs. Deezer, both are excellent, with a few point differences that ultimately matter a lot.

Both offer a huge amount of music; Spotify claims to be over 50 million, while Deezer reports over 56 million, which is essentially the same thing. In either service, the user will have early access to various albums and music.

Both allow you to download music for offline playback by the app, but while Deezer has no limit, in rival you can only download 10,000 files. When it comes to playing local files, only Spotify offers this possibility. In the other, you need to upload the files and download them through the app, with a limit of 2000 files.

In this section, Spotify comes out on top, because in addition to being able to listen to offline music, it has many more podcasts. Remember that if you want to look for more podcasts, we have lists of the best apps to download them for both iPhone and Android.

5. Interface and navigation

Their interfaces are extremely similar: both offer only the dark theme, both have a navigation bar underneath, split between tabs with the main app options, are very simple to navigate and on their home screens offer recommendations of what to hear, all with based on your history.

But to differentiate them, Deezer has a tab calledFlow, its native radio, and the“My Songs”, which allows you to easily view downloaded music, something Spotify lacks. By comparison, the latter has a better search, and offers a much more detailed selection of music genre.

Both offer short videos for their music and the ability to see the lyrics for some of them. Its interface can be controlled by car apps like Waze and smartwatches. This all results in a tie between the two.

Spotify vs Deezer interface

6. Discovery Tools

An important difference between Spotify vs. Deezer is their ability to recommend new music to users.

Upon first logging in to the application of their choice, they are asked to select their favorite artists so they can start recommending songs to you. The more artists you select, the better the recommendations. And as you use the app, suggestions for what to hear will be increasingly refined to your ears.

Spotify offers its weekly playlist of suggestions, which is renewed every Monday to“Discoveries of the Week”, and have the daily recommended playlists called “Daily Mix. On the app's home screen, you can find all these playlists, plus many other recommendations based on what you hear.

Deezer has very similar tools, especially its radio.Flow. It works quite simply: it joins songs you haven't heard for a long time with songs you usually listen to and adds completely new things to you. In addition, your home screen has the same recommendations as your rival.

Spotify vs Deezer Discovery Tools

Both platforms are excellent, but Spotify wins behind the scenes, as their suggestion algorithm is superior, resulting in playlists more likely for the user to like it.

7. Radio

This is a category with a clear winner, Deezer, as the competitor, no matter how much he has radio categories, offers no real radio but playlists.

Deezer offers a huge amount of radios from all over the world, from Brazil, from the world and also from virtual radios. They are separated by categories, music genres and those recommended for you. Of the Brazilian companies, there are all the major ones, such as Jovem Pan, Antena 1, Eldorado and Globo FM, among many others.

Radio Spotify vs Deezer

Already the competition has no real radio stations, only those automatically generated based on some song, playlist, artist or album. They work by sending recommendations from your history, mixing things you never heard with what you already know and work very well.

In this category of Spotify vs Deezer, the winner is the second, since it offers the same as the rival and adds to it the national and international radios. Now if you're looking for just the largest possible radio selection, we have this list of the best free radio apps.

8. Social Tools

Of Spotify vs. Deezer, none offer very robust social tools, but the former has a much better integration with Facebook. By connecting it with the social network, you can see what your friends are listening to – if they allow it – and you can share what is in your ears with them.

It also offers the ability to create shared playlists with friends and strangers alike. They work by allowing anyone with access to add and remove songs. You can also follow friends, artists and other users.

Your rival offers a pretty rudimentary integration into the same social network, allowing you to just follow friends and share with them what you're listening to. We therefore have a clear victory from Spotify.


Each application offers advantages and disadvantages over the other, so a very personal choice which one is best for you. The free mode of Deezer beats that offered by the rival, since in addition to listening to music (but with advertisements) also gives the user access to numerous radios.

If you value the fidelity of sound very much, the only option is Deezer. If you want, as well as access to a huge collection of music, numerous podcasts and being able to play the albums and songs you already have downloaded through music download apps, go with Spotify.

As Spotify is better at recommending new music, we recommend it to the player. To learn more about it, go to the official website. If you are interested in Deezer, follow this link at its official website.

So what did you think of our comparison between Spotify vs Deezer?

We hope you have taken advantage of our article where we compare two of the largest streaming music, and leave a comment telling you which one to choose. Remember to look, too, at our comparison of Spotify vs Apple Music, where we make the same comparison as we did here.