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Spotify reaches Brazilian users in late May

When I was in Brazil, to my surprise, I was able to quietly use my Spotify account in the country and I was sure the service was about to be launched for Brazilian users. Today I received confirmation of this because the Spotify has an event scheduled for the end of May in So Paulo. Will it be the official release of the streaming service in the country?

Spotify brazil save date
Spotify can reach the end of the month for all Android users! / Spotify

The press release states that "Spotify is coming to Brazil," so it is expected that the service will be fully available nationwide from May 28, the date of the company's event in So Paulo.

For those not yet familiar, Spotify is a music streaming service, in which the user has a music library that receives over 20,000 songs daily and also has over 1.5 billion playlists created. Using Spotify, you can share playlists, listen to band-related radios, follow artists and friends using the software, select favorites, and sync content between different devices – such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

In Brazil, the direct competitors of this service are Deezer, Grooveshark and Rdio. I confess that I have not used the radio yet, but with regard to my experience of use, Deezer and Grooveshark are less than when compared to Spotify.

This is good news, especially because the Spotify folks made it clear that it took long enough because they wanted to provide a fairly complete library for users in Brazil. Although I believe that all this delay had more to do with the attitude of record companies in the country.

And, are you looking forward to another cool music streaming service or are you satisfied with the ones you already own?

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