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Spotify officially launched in Brazil

Among all the music streaming services I use, the Spotify Without a doubt it has the largest library easily and quickly accessible. Now the service can also be used in its entirety by Brazilians.

Spotify official brazil
Visit the Spotify page and download one of the best music stream in the world! / Spotify; AndroidPIT

Through the Spotify website it is already possible to create an account on the platform and join one of the service plans: free or paid. Acquiring a premium account in Brazil is still a bit tricky, the current form of payment so far the international credit card, as well as in the Play Store, and the value is in dollars. So if you are interested in a more complete plan with no advertising interruptions and the possibility of offline use, you need to shell out $ 5.99 per month, about $ 13.00.

But, according to executives, the service will migrate to the value in reais, about $ 14.90, soon.

Using the free service, anyone who wants to use the service through the Android app on their smartphone will have to settle for streaming music randomly and sequentially. Here's a tip: In the free service, you can pass the songs up to 6 times, this is the daily limit. On your tablet and computer, you can listen to any music, anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Spotify ceo latin america
Spotify CEO at America Latina, Gustavo Diament! / Bruno Ricardo; AndroidPIT

According to Spotify CEO Latin America Gustavo Diament, "the service generates about 70% of revenue in the Swedish music industry (country hosting the service) and 30% in the UK". Which is no small matter, and as a legal service, musicians are protected from any misuse of their works through the platform.

Spotify has enviable numbers worldwide, service is present in 57 countries, more than 40 million active users and 10 million paid service subscribers. In Brazil, the platform arrives with 1.5 billion playlists and the library promises to add 20,000 songs a day.

Spotify launching brazil
The Spotify team brought together a select range of artists to show that the service is indeed legal and fosters the phonographic industry. In the image, Marcelo Jeneci, Fernanda Takai and Gaby Amarantos! / Bruno Ricardo; AndroidPIT

During the launch event that took place this morning in So Paulo, it was reported that around 400,000 people were registered to test Spotify in the country before operations began in Brazil. Even before the launch, the app had been downloaded 200,000 times by Brazilian users.

As a premium user of Spotify, I recommend the service. Although the national music library is still under construction, the service already has a large collection of works and, above all, is legal and respectful of musicians.

To get started with Spotify, simply visit the site and create an account.

Iinformation kindly provided by Showmetech.

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