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Spotify: Learn why you need to change your password now!

Last week I wrote an article with tips and tricks for Spotify, and a lot of people agreed with me that this is one of the best streaming music apps we have on the Play Store. However, it looks like he's not that safe. A list with details of the users leaked and several accounts were hacked. Learn how to protect yourself.

What kind of information leaked?

On this Saturday, a private document under the care of the company was published on Pastebin, a text sharing channel. The document contained part of the Spotify database. The list has already been removed, but the damage had already been dealt. In this document we had the following information:

  • Email Addresses
  • Contracted Package Type
  • Contract Renewal Date
  • Country of origin
  • Passwords

Users reported seeing suspicious actions on their accounts as changes in their playlists.

Fortunately, the bank details of those affected were not exposed. The team of TechCrunch had list access and tested some data that allowed access to different accounts. So far, it is not known specifically how many are affected.

spotify pastebin
List reveals details of Spotify users in Pastebin / Pastebin

How to identify if your Spotify has been hacked?

According to a company employee, the application was not hacked. In his words: "Spotify was not hacked and music and users are safe. We regularly monitor the Pastebin site and when we find Spotify authentication information, we check its authenticity and immediately inform the affected user asking them to change their password. "

Even worse could have been the exchange of emails and passwords

However Spotify notified more users than usual this weekend, asking them to change their passwords. Some users have reported seeing suspicious actions on their accounts as changes to their playlists and new music being added to the app's history.

To give you an idea, some people even said they were rejected in the middle of a song, which happens when the account is activated on another device. But even worse may have been the exchange of emails and passwords.

What to do if your Spotify has been hacked?

Spotify already has a history of security system failures. Even the company denying any possibility of the platform being hacked. In 2009, 2014 and November 2015, Spotify was the target of security attacks.

AndroidPIT virus 2
Spotify already has a history of attacks on its / ANDROIDPIT database

Therefore, I recommend that, having a premium account or not, you will check if there is none to suspect in your account and change your password as soon as possible, especially if you use the same credentials to log in to multiple accounts.

Try to avoid passwords that you already use on other accounts and services, as this will prevent future problems. To ensure the change log out to all devices using the account.

If your account has been hacked and you are no longer able to access your profile, you need to contact Spotify's customer service to clarify the problem and recover your account.

Have you been affected by this leak? Have there been any changes to your account?

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