Spotify launches Apple TV app and gains integration with Siri

Less than two weeks ago, we talked about how (against all expectations) the Spotify was testing an integration with the Crab to be released in a future version of the app. For the prospect was not slow: the assistant support was officially released today and, to top off the wave of news, the service of streaming still launched his Apple TV app!

Integration with Siri just as you might expect: just finish your command specifying that you want such a song, artist or playlist to play on Spotify, and the wizard will understand exactly what you mean by opening the app and starting playback. If a content is already playing in the application, you can simply say a simple command such as “pause” or “next song” and Siri will do it accordingly.

Integration of Spotify with Siri

You can also control Spotify playback on Carplay and in HomePod, via AirPlay But it is good to remember that there is not yet, in the case of smart speaker, an app dedicated to the service, so you can not start playback through it. Also, it is not yet possible to use Siri to control Spotify on Apple watch or in Mac.

The latest Spotify iOS update has an extra feature: now, by enabling Low Data Mode, the app automatically turns on its own functionality to save the internet franchise by playing music in lower quality.

Apple tv

To complete the news of the day, Spotify has also launched its official app for tvOS. The app is very similar to other TV platform experiences if you've used a Spotify app on webOS or Xbox One / PlayStation 4, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

In the app, you can access the home page of your account, with all recommendations made by the service, as well as have a full view of your library, playlists, music and artists saved. There is also a search tool (voice or text) and a settings area.

The Spotify app for tvOS is still spreading on the App Stores around the world, so if it hasn't come to you yet, wait a few minutes and try again.

Spotify app icon - Music & Podcasts

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