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Spotify Kids is the new music app for kids; know how it works | Players

Spotify began to release, on Wednesday (30), Spotify Kids, an application with content exclusively for children over three years. With a colorful and fun design, the service brings music and stories to the kids, as well as playlists to easily find their favorite song. Another feature allows little ones to choose an avatar and colors to customize their profile. The goal of the player is to create a "kids-only sound playground" for them to hear what they like in a fun environment.

For now, there is no expected arrival of Spotify Kids in Brazil. The app, compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS), is being tested in Ireland, but should reach other countries in the coming months. It is worth mentioning that the service is exclusive to subscribers of the Family plan.

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Spotify Kids is the new music app for kids Photo: Divulgao / SpotifySpotify Kids is the new music app for kids Photo: Divulgao / Spotify

Spotify Kids is the new music app for kids Photo: Divulgao / Spotify

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How Spotify Kids Works

Spotify Kids has a fun and colorful design, as well as simple navigation, little text and no ads. The look of the app changes according to the child's age range to younger, smoother interface and has characters, while older ones get more realistic and detailed content.

According to Alex Norstrm, Spotify's premium commercial director, the company was concerned with understanding the needs of parents with Spotify Kids. "As we evolve the application experience, we will implement enhanced parental controls and settings for even more customization in an effort to give parents peace of mind," said Norstrm.

Spotify Kids has a team of qualified publishers from top children's brands such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids and Universal Pictures. The company analyzed the market for more than two years and gathered data from experts from various organizations, such as the Children's National Museum in Washington, United States. The company will also take into account the response of users with the beta application.