Spotify is increasingly close to the official release in the country

If I had to choose an app to always have with me, this would surely be Spotify. In Germany, the copyright policy is very strict and therefore download illegal music, under penalty of fine. So when I arrived last week in Brazil, my concern was to be able to count on the service on my smartphone or computer. But to my surprise, Spotify is fully working in the country, including my Android!

Spotify brazil app
Spotify works fully in Brazil, only the official announcement by the company is missing. / AndroidPIT

Since December 2013, the Spotify team has granted access to the streaming for a small and exclusive test group in Brazil. And recently made the app available on the Play Store. But even so, Spotify has not been officialized here. According to the team developing the feature, the reason for this delay is the "vast musical inheritance" Tupiniquin. But of course we are dealing here with problems related to the financial return of the record companies established in the pis.

For those not yet familiar, Spotify is a music streaming service, in which the user has a music library that receives over 20,000 songs daily and also has over 1.5 billion playlists created. Using Spotify, you can share playlists, listen to band-related radios, follow artists and friends using the software, select favorites, and sync content between different devices – such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Spotify brazil pc
The advertisements have already been localized to the Brazilian public. / AndroidPIT

In Brazil, the direct competitors of this service are Deezer, Grooveshark and Rdio. I confess that I have not used the radio yet, but with regard to my experience of use, Deezer and Grooveshark leave much to be desired when compared to Spotify.

Moreover, the idea of ​​being able to count on a vast library of online and offline music (premium user), without having to do the download illegal content of this super attractive content. So in addition to saving time, you still help your favorite artists by listening to a small jab that runs every half hour.

As I mentioned earlier, Spotify is still not official here, so you will need to register on the site to receive more information about the availability of the service in Brazil. And, it seems, it won't take long for this popular service to streaming available for Brazilian users as well.

If you are already one of testers Spotify in the country, don't miss your chance to download the Android app on link below.

And which of the services of streaming of songs mentioned above do you use?

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