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Spotify iOS beta tests integration with Siri!

About a month and a half ago, we commented that Apple and Spotify, despite the quarrels and fights, were talking about joining Apple Music Siri's main competitor. In practice, you may request an Apple virtual assistant to play some album /playlist/ Spotify specific music and everything works perfectly. For this is already coming true, as reported by the The verge.

According to the site, the latest beta of the iOS app includes such support. Thus, Apple Music and Spotify are basically on an equal footing with Siri, with the difference that if you want to play something on Spotify, you will necessarily have to tell Siri to perform the action on the service.

See the integration working in practice:

Unfortunately, at least for the time being, this integration doesn't work on Apple Watch, because in practice the Spotify app for watchOS is not a dedicated app, but rather a controller of what is playing. O The verge I also couldn't tell if the integration would be present in HomePod, but as this has not much to do with the iOS app itself (it depends more on an integration on Apple servers), such integration is unlikely at this time.

In AirPods everything works perfectly, since Apple's headphones serve as a "mirror" of what's happening on the iPhone; however, try to play a podcast (such as the on Air) on Spotify requesting Siri still doesn't work very well, because the wizard keeps looking for music instead of podcasts. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Still, as we said, the app is in the testing phase and a lot can change / improve until the final availability of the feature for users. Let's hope this happens as soon as possible!