Spotify has officially announced its exclusive Apple Watch app


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O Spotify one of the biggest streamings of music currently. The company today announced its application entirely aimed at serving users of the Apple watch. The app is fully designed to make it easier to pause, swap, rewind and rewind. music and the podcasts that the user is listening, in addition to changing the playlist, putting in random mode, among other things.

At the moment the application cannot be used yet, but it is already present in the Apple store and the company promises that it will soon be working. In its official announcement Spotify stated:

"We know the importance of having music anywhere, which is why we are pleased to bring a new Spotify application to our highly mobile users on Apple Watch."

Only Apple customers will be served, the expectation that the app will be exported to users of other models of smartwatch thereafter, however, there was no mention of the company about it.

In addition to being able to use the headphones, the company also states that "With this new app, users can enjoy an enhanced experience with better control and the ability to seamlessly connect to their speakers or devices." This means you can connect your Apple Watch to other stereos via Spotify Connect, which facilitates DJ work at parties with friends.

The "15 second rewind" function is also present, it is important when listening to a podcast and has lost or misunderstood some information and wants to come back to hear better.

Spotify promises that this first version will be enhanced in future updates. At this time you will not be able to hear your music with the app offline.

Via: engadget Source: Spotify