Spotify brings new home page with quick access to favorites

Spotify brings updates to the home screen displaying favorites and suggesting music and podcasts based on what you hearSpotify brings updates to the home screen displaying favorites and suggesting music and podcasts based on what you hear

Spotify is making life easier for its users, in addition to quick access to favorites, it offers suggestions for new content based on what you hear.

The aim of the changes, according to the company, is to make it "easier than ever to find something to listen to". Now, when you open Spotify on a smartphone or tablet, the top of the home screen displays six boxes showing your recent content, they can be playlists, a specific podcast or perhaps an album.

Below the boxes of the frequent content you hear, Spotify suggests new content based on what you like. Again, there may be podcasts, personalized playlists and albums.

Spotify also said on his blog, that these suggestions may vary according to the time of day, with the top of the app's home screen saying "Good morning" or "Good night" depending on the time of day.

The company does not specify exactly how its recommendations will vary over time. Spotify has made many changes and has increasingly included podcasts in the suggestions.

This makes a lot of sense, after all the company invested heavily acquiring Gimlet, Anchor and Parcast, in addition to the most recent acquisition of the sports and pop culture podcast network The Ringer.

The presence of podcasts is present on Spotify as a way to differentiate itself from other music streaming services, which offer in large part the same catalog of music.

Podcasts can also offer better profit margins than music, and Spotify has been working on creating targeted, dynamic ads to indicate its growing list of podcasts.

The music streaming service is known to offer strong music curation and discovery, with its AI-based Discover Weekly playlists, generating a lifelong fan base.

By adding podcasts to your suggested lists, Spotify may one day be known less as a music streaming service and more as a general audio discovery application.

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