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Spotify and Deezer are offering a premium plan at $ 1.99 for three months

Technology companies offer the best discounts during Black Friday, whether it's apps, games, services or products. Alis, this is the sector with the most demand during the event, after all, everyone wants to make that deserved upgrade at the end of the year. Streaming giants Deezer and Spotify have announced a special package for new customers who sign up for their premium plans.

Deezer and Spotify are the most popular streaming services in Brazil. During the Black Friday period, both companies will be offering their respective Premium plans for $ 1.99 for a period of three months. Therefore, this amount will be charged only once within this promotional period, and the user may cancel the subscription at any time on both services.

Click here to subscribe to Spotify for $ 1.99 / Click here to subscribe to Deezer for $ 1.99

The Premium plan offers high definition music streaming, ad removal and extra features. After the promotional period, both companies charge $ 16.90 for the same subscription. Spotify's offer goes through December 31, while Deezer goes through January 8.

To subscribe I need to be a user of the free plans or then a new user of both services. Anyone who has used the Deezer Premium plan in the last 90 days is not eligible for this promotion.

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Deezer premium version / AndroidPIT

Google Play Free Music for 4 Months

Already Google has decided to go for free, offering Play Music, streaming service that comes embedded in Android smartphones, for free for four months. The user must register a national or international credit card to join the promotion, and it cannot be a subscriber to the service currently or within the last 90 days. After the period debited per month the conventional value of the plan is R $ 14.90.

And which one do you already use or choose from in these promotions?

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