Spotify accuses Apple of disapproving new version of its app to favor Apple Music

IOS 9 screenshot

The service war streaming continues in full swing. Today the Spotify sent a letter to the United States Congress accusing Apple of anti-competitiveness when you disapprove an update to your app on the App Store.

IOS 9 screenshot

The letter, obtained by Recode, says that Ma is taking anti-competitive measures in other words, illegal practices to favor its own service of streaming, Apple Music. In addition, the Swedish company reaffirms its position that Apple’s subscription business model recently changed to pass on 85% of profits to developers on subscriptions older than one year remains disadvantageous for them. Spotify says that with this practice, Apple is putting a higher price on other music services and making them uncompetitive.

The letter further states that Apple’s official justification for refusing the new version of the application would be a ?business model rule?, and Ma would have advised the company to use the iOS payment system if it wanted to continue using the app for get new customers and sell subscriptions. Looking back, a relatively similar case happened more than a year ago, when TIDAL made statements about Apple in the same tone.

It?s good to remember that Apple doesn?t probe users to subscribe outside the app, but if the purchase is made by him, Spotify and therefore any developers should share the profits with Ma.

The imbroglio arises a day after the American senator and a likely candidate for vice president for the Democratic Party Elizabeth Warren criticizes Apple in the Senate, saying that the Cupertino company practices anti-competitive measures with service developers competing with those of Ma itself who depend on the company. App Store.

As usual in these situations, Apple did not comment on the case.