Spirit of the North, Sparklite and more titles

Best indie games of May: Spirit of the North, Sparklite and more titles

Visit fantasy worlds and unravel dark mysteries with the best indie games of May

From spiritual journeys, passing through fantasy worlds and even playing to make changes, the month of May presented us with several indie games that provide fantastic and unforgettable experiences for a very affordable price. Below you can find the main highlights for the best indie games in May for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Spirit of the North, developed by Infuse Studio and published by Merge Games, is an introspective journey through the beautiful and icy landscapes of Ireland. The player controls a fox that sets out on a journey full of spiritual elements and a story that takes Nordic folklore for inspiration.

What draws the most attention in Spirit of the North they are his visuals, which seem to have been produced by a large company – and not by just two people, as in fact happened. The soundtrack also stands out and sets the right tone for the vulpid’s adventure: solitude and discovery.

Fox character in Spirit of the North as one of the best indie games of May

Spirit of the North is a beautiful adventure and our first recommendation from the May indie games

During the journey, the player will come across some puzzles that, even easy, sustain the gambling for the few hours of entertainment that the game offers. At the time, Spirit of the North 40% discount on Playstation 4 and 20% in Nintendo Switch, platform for which the game was recently launched.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Realpolitiks is an interesting strategy game developed by Jujubee. Its aesthetic resembles that of the franchise Civilization, but the action doesn’t take place in shifts, but in real time, like games like Age of Empires or Rise of Nations.

In the game, the player controls a civilization in modern times and must bring it to supremacy over other nations, with options for victory by religiosity, economic progress or military superiority. Despite not offering advanced graphics, the game has many options for the most diverse strategies, from the simplest to the most elaborate and complex.

Realpolitiks country control screen

Ready to create strategies and develop your nation?

Realpolitiks was released for PC, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, with 90% discount on this last platform. A good and cheap option for fans of the Real Time Strategy genre.

Available: Steam, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Descending mountain trails using a bicycle has never been more fun than in Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Developed by Thunderful, the game gives the player the simple objective of dodging obstacles to reach the end of the circuit in the shortest time possible.

Although there is a path suggested by the game itself, the grace of Lonely Mountains: Downhill it is up to the player to choose their own shortcuts, and the result is unusual situations when obstacles appear on the screen. It takes quick reflexes to continually beat your own times.

Lonely Mountais character and bike: Downhills

How about venturing on a bike through the mountains?

The presentation of the game is excellent! The game has a very pleasant art, and its soundtrack with sounds of nature does not get sick even after a long session of gambling. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available for PC and all current video game consoles.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

For those who like adventure games in style Zelda, Sparklite it’s a great choice! This game is a fantastic rogue-lite RPG that provides nostalgia and fun in the right measure. The rich world of Sparklite mechanical mix and history without seeming too unpleasant, and the cast of characters are charismatic with very different personalities.

Certainly the most interesting aspect of Sparklite is its unique and charming 2D look. Even with the typical problems that a rogue-lite can present with confusing designs and peaks of difficulty, the world of Sparklite it is so alive, vibrant and interesting to explore that any problem can go unnoticed. Even though some combat may seem very difficult, you always have the option of searching for more powerful items or battling weaker enemies for more experience points.

One of the Sparklite Caves

In Sparklite you need to explore the secrets and face the dangers of Geodia

Of all the platforms that Sparklite is available, our indication is for you to try this game on Nintendo Switch, if possible. The feedback is versatile and the movements and combat are very intuitive. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this incredible adventure is due to the last confrontations of your journey that have no checkpoints, which can be extremely frustrating.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

If you’ve never heard of HP Lovecraft just know that he is one of the greatest writers in the genre of cosmic terror, a variant of terror that deals with beings and situations that defy the imagination and often do not have a physical form or manifestation. Placing the content of his works in the game universe was the developer’s job Cyanide, producing a very interesting title.

In Call of Cthulhu the player takes on the role of private investigator Edward Pierce, who investigates the mysterious death of the Hawkins family. The game knows how to mix very well the elements of an adventure that involves mystery, terror and RPG in a journey that leaves our character very close to madness. As you collect clues, cultists, indescribable creatures and a sense of impending doom everywhere start to chase you

Screen with elements of Lovecraft in Call of Cthulhu

Will you be able to solve the mysteries that surround you before you are driven crazy?

Unfortunately, Call of Cthulhu it looks like a game that has all the tools necessary to make a perfect adaptation of Lovecraft’s stories, but ends up failing (by very little) in the end. The climate of terror develops satisfactorily, but never reaches the appropriate climax. Even so, if you enjoy an investigative experience with the right touches of terror, the game can win (or scare) you.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Who knew that one of the most boring tasks any of us could have to go through in life, moving from one residence to another, could become such a fun game? Following the same style of cooperative gameplay created by the classic Overcooked, two or more players need to coordinate their efforts to make a complete change. The visual style imitating a cartoon helps a lot to transform the most tiring tasks of the game into something very fun.

Despite not having as wide a variety of scenarios and gameplay possibilities as you might expect, combining your change strategy with your friends and watching the confusion you can cause is sure to get a lot of laughs. Even with different time levels and difficulties, Moving Out it’s a very accessible experience for both casual and experienced players

House and other household items from Moving Out

Ready to ask your friends for help with the move?

After finishing all the scenarios available in the game, a feeling of “I want more” is inevitable, so we hope that a DLC will come to the game soon. Time mechanics, mixed with puzzles and co-op gameplay, works in a very fun way and turns a task that would be very tedious and tiring into an exciting and perfect game to spend time during the pandemic.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

This game is a great choice for those who like games with air war themes. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, produced and distributed by ALL IN! GAMES, puts the player in the shoes of a combatant who, in 50 missions, goes through the entire history of First World War and his fights with airplanes.

The presentation of the game is excellent, with visuals in cell shading (like a cartoon). In fact, the title tries to pass for an animated comic (comic), and the result is extremely positive, even if it is not a big production. After all, the game tries to achieve the most pleasing visual to gameplay, not something that comes close to realism as this is not a generic flight simulator.

Defeating enemy planes in Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

Master the air with your powerful airplane and your flying skills

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky follows a style of gameplay closer to the arcade, which for some people proves to be advantageous, since it does not require the player great technical knowledge or the precise movements of simulators. The purpose of the game is simple: shoot at opponents’ planes while trying to escape enemy shots. There is also the possibility to play cooperatively in a local multiplayer for up to two people.

The game was released for Nintendo Switch and had a great reception from the specialized critics, so soon the developers promise to make versions available for PRAÇA, Playstation 4 and Xbox one, it is now possible to acquire it on two of these platforms.

Available: Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by OSome Studio and launched to Playstation 4 and Xbox one in 2015, White Night is a survival-horror mystery game with a unique visual style that recently arrived for the Nintendo Switch. Beyond the theme noir in black and white, the look of White Night it resembles the pages of a mid-20th century police story.

The game takes place in 1938, during the Great Depression in the United States and puts the player in the shoes of a detective who needs to investigate a mysterious murder in an «apparently» empty mansion. The place is full of strange noises, bizarre appearances and scares that will let your heart out through your mouth. You need to investigate each corner and solve several puzzles with just one resource: your limited quantity matchbox.

Investigating the mansion on White NightKeep your matches or you will never solve the mysteries of White Night

If you can no longer ignite a flame and find yourself in darkness, in a short time the console screen will start to shake and a dark appearance will appear to capture you. This sense of impending terror is what moves the game’s plot forward and instigates the player to solve the mystery and discover the various outcomes that this horror story can reserve.

Available: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

So, reader, did you like our selection of independent titles? Be sure to check out the April indies games and let us know what you think comments!