Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest: new iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max

When Apple announced the new iPhone SE with the chip A13 Bionic, some people were skeptical about the possibility that it would, in fact, offer the same performance as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. two entry models (with 64GB).

Well, in fact there was even a benchmark which implied that the iPhone SE chip would have some kind of limitation, but the difference in that case was most likely due to the difference in RAM between the devices. The SE has 3GB, while the 11 Pro [Max] has 4GB of memory.

Now, a test done by the channel PhoneBuff came to prove that both devices are really very comparable in performance. The iPhone SE even ended the first lap of the test a little bit ahead of the 11 Pro Max, only within the margin of error; on the second lap the 11 Pro Max slightly surpassed it, of course due to the extra 1GB of RAM. All well as expected, after all.

In the end, the new iPhone SE took 2min40 to finish the whole test, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max finished just 11 seconds earlier.

The test proves that by paying (well) less for the new iPhone SE, you are definitely not giving up on performance.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

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