Specs and new photos of DJI Osmo Pocket appear on the internet

The not yet official portable gimbal, Osmo Pocket, appeared again on the internet. This time, the product had new photos and specifications published.


Presentation rolls on the 28th and can also be Phantom 5's release stage

One of the leaks came from a Chinese bill in the Twitter, from a user who usually posts information about products not yet released from DJI.

Official Website: DJI Osmo

He indicated that the gimbal will come with a built-in camera, capable of shooting up to 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. This is something like the drone DJi Mavic 2 Pro can do it.

Other more technical details include the presence of an 875mAh and 7.7V LiPo battery as well as a microSD card slot. The website Drone DJ further revealed that the camera's CMOS sensor will be 1 / 2.3 inches.

The same user even published the accessories that may come inside the box. This includes a charger, an accessory for the control wheel and a third piece that was not disclosed.

To top it off, another Osmo Pocket photo was posted, this time sent by a reader from the Drone DJ website. It gives you a better sense of the gimbal's portability as well as the rounded curves of its design.

The expectation that the Osmo Pocket will be officially announced tomorrow, November 28th.

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