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Special event: Nintendo's Super Mario Run game will be released for iOS until the end of the year!

Let's get to the news of the day? I mean, before the news we know that, traditionally, every Apple event starts with a little relevant information about the company as a whole and about the products that will be announced.

Apple Music

After an introductory video, CEO Tim Cook talked about Apple’s partnership with the program “Carpool Karaoke”, that being on Apple Music we talked a little about this in this post. About Apple Music itself, there are now 17 million paid subscribers, with a collection of 30 million songs. In iOS 10, the service will gain a new design.

The Apple Music Festival 10 will happen soon, again in London. Obviously, anyone who cannot attend in person can follow everything live on Apple Music.

App Store

Over 140 billion apps have been downloaded to date; recently, the store's annual growth reached 106%. The App Store generated twice as much revenue as Google Play in the last quarter. This explains why so many developers prioritize iOS over Android, for example.

Giving more emphasis on games, the iPhone and iPad are today the most popular devices in the world for games. There are 500 thousand titles available on the App Store for users to have fun. A very famous one, however, was not in the store. Until today. Yes, my friends, Mario (from Nintendo) is finally coming to iOS! The/

Super Mario Run game for iOS

The game is called Super Mario Run and the gameplay was all adapted for the iPhone, being possible to use just one hand to play. For example: by touching the screen it jumps and if you touch it longer, it jumps higher. The character walks automatically, so you only interact when necessary. The important thing is to reach the end of the stage before the time at the top ends a little differently from the classic game.

There is also a new battle mode, called Toad Rally. In this way, you compete not only with your friends, but with others around the world. I need to collect coins and impress Toad with risky moves. There are more features than the matches themselves, based on the scores you are getting.

The value of the game was not announced, but it will be paid (apparently without in-app purchases) and reach the App Store by the end of the year. For those who love stickers, there are some from Super Mario for iMessage (on iOS 10).

Surprisingly, anyone who wants to can already ask the App Store to notify him when he arrives:

Super Mario Run app icon


Giving importance to the education area quite important for Apple as the company sells iPads, Macs and Apple TVs to many schools Cook mentioned the ConnectED program, an initiative that aims to bring modern educational technologies to many needy schools (some teachers who participate in the program and were in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium auditorium today, following the event).

Today there are 114 schools supported by the program, 4,500 teachers and 50,000 students served. Over the “Everyone Can Code”, another Apple initiative to teach students to program in Swift, Cook said that numerous academic institutions in the United States have already shown interest in including Swift in their program content.

iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote)

Apple's productivity suite really needed a balance. And it came, with real-time collaboration capabilities.

In the three apps, there is a menu of invited participants, just as it has been for some time in the competitor Google Drive / Docs. In Keynote, for example, all resources including text, images, graphics, animations, etc. work in real time and in a very responsive way.

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