New Mac mini from the front from above

Special event: new Mac mini is much more powerful – and more expensive

Raise your hands to the sky and shout “hallelujah”: yes, a new Mac mini is between us!

New Mac mini from the front from above

With a design similar to the previous generation, but a finish in space gray, the new Mac mini is focused on just one thing: pleasing more advanced users with a giant leap in specifications. The upgrade starts with processors, which are now four or six cores (full versions, not mobile chips) and bring Intel embedded graphics up to 60% faster – overall, the new computer is up to 5x faster than before.

In addition, users can now equip the desktop with up to 64GB of RAM – and, as we are talking about SO-DIMM memories, it is very likely that they can be exchanged by the user (but we still have to check this out). The new mini Macs also throw away hard drives and are equipped, from the entry version, with SSDs; they can go up to 2TB and are 2x faster than before.

Interior of the new Mac mini (components and parts)

The new Mac mini also incorporates Apple’s T2 security chip, with everything we are entitled to – including up to 30x faster video encoding – and a new cooling architecture that allows it to function in the same silence for which it is already famous. In terms of ports, we have four Thunderbolt 3, Gigabit Ethernet (with the option of 10Gbps), two USB-A and HDMI output, in addition to the good old headphone output (whew!).

Rear of the new Mac mini

As usual, Mac mini is a stand-alone computer – that is, you choose your own monitor, keyboard and mouse to use with it; the box includes only the desktop. The new generation continues with the possibilities for servers: you can build a data farm with only the new machines, as MacStadium does – a hosting company that uses only Macs mini (more than 8,000 of them!).

The new Mac mini starts at $ 800 (a good increase) in a version with 8GB of RAM, 3.6GHz Core i3 processor and 128GB SSD. Like the new MacBook Air, it is also built entirely from Apple’s new recycled aluminum; the pre-sale period starts today with a launch in a week, on November 7th.

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