Special event: iPhone 11 is among us with the lowest price, two cameras, A13 chip and more!

After the service-related announcements, the new 7th generation iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5, we come to the main star of the party: ladies and gentlemen, here it is, finally, The iPhone 11.

The “spiritual” successor of the iPhone XR has several of its elements, such as various colors and a fun design, designed to please young people of all ages. Its frame remains anodized aluminum, and we have glass in the front and rear. The camera shoulder is now integrated with the glass.

There are six colors: purple, white, green, yellow, black and the traditional (PRODUCT) RED. We still have the same 6.1-inch Retina LCD screen, and a new “space sound” feature with Dolby Atmos technology.

The iPhone 11 doubles the number of XR cameras. We now have two lenses – a 12MP wide angle with 26mm and ƒ / 1.8; another ultra-wide-angle, also 12MP, with 12mm and ƒ / 2.4; this second has a viewing angle of 120º. Apple has a new interface in the Camera app that shows what both cameras see at the same time. The True Tone flash is also 36% brighter!

Camera technology has also been improved, with more than 1 trillion operations per photo and high doses of artificial intelligence. There are new shooting modes, like a Portrait Mode that works with animals and a new Portrait Lighting Mode called High-Key Mono with high-contrast black and white images. There is also a new Night Mode to compete with Google and Huawei smartphones that have similar features.

The video capabilities of the device are also impressive – according to Apple, it is the best video quality on a smartphone – with improved stabilization and a smooth transition between the two cameras during capture. We are capable of capturing 4K at 60 frames per second, time-lapse and new extended HDR mode – all work with both cameras.

There is also a new feature called QuickTake, which allows you to capture a video quickly by simply holding the capture button when taking pictures – no one knows what happened to sequential photo capture, however, at least for now.

The front camera TrueDepth has 12MP, and an even bigger sensor if you rotate it to horizontal mode. The camera selfies can also capture 4K video at 60 frames per second, and has its own slow motion mode – for you to capture what Apple calls “Slofies”, or selfies in slow motion.

Apple didn’t comment much on the keynote, but the Face ID not only will it be up to 30% faster thanks to the improvements of iOS 13, but it is also gaining improvements in the hardware of the iPhone 11 running at more distances and with support for “more angles”, according to Apple.

In terms of performance, we have the new chip A13 Bionic, rated by apple as the fastest CPU and GPU on a smartphone – for example, developer Giant Network demonstrated a new game, Pascal’s Wager, which will launch on the App Store (no, not on Apple Arcade) in the month that comes.

The battery of the iPhone 11 also received improvements: it lasts an hour more than the iPhone XR, which was already the longest running iPhone in the line.

The best possible news of the day is that Apple has lowered the prices of the iPhone 11 compared to the XR – from the previous $ 750, the new smartphone will depart from $ 700 in the 64GB version. It’s not a significant cut, but it’s something, isn’t it?

The iPhone 11 will go on pre-order this Friday, September 13th, and will reach international stores a week later, on the 20th. For now, there is no prediction of when it will arrive in Brazil.