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Special Event: Apple Watch Series 5 launches and has a screen that stays on all the time!

One of the anticipated news for Apple's special event was the launch of a new generation of Apple Apple watch, smart watch of the company. But before, Apple talked a little about other news related to the product.


The CEO of Apple cited how Apple Watch has made a difference in the lives of so many people around the world, and the video below made that clear:

Cook also cited the impact of Apple Watch on health research, which is also very important. A project leader at Apple cited that these studies have helped develop and enhance features such as the atrial fibrillation detector.

Today, three more such studies have been announced: the first Apple Hearing Study, focused on audio; the second one Apple Women’s Health Study, focused on the menstrual cycle; the third one Apple Heart & Movement Studyby exploring clock metrics to create interventions focused on improving people's health.

According to Apple, study data is private and secure, keeping everyone anonymous.

Apple Watch Series 5

The first big differential of the Apple Watch Series 5? Something that no one commented, but surely a very nice news: the watch now has a screen that is always on!

The dials are now always visible instead of turning off the screen, now only the reduced brightness to preserve the battery. How was this possible? It uses an LTPO display, allowing the display to vary from 60Hz to only 1Hz in refresh rate. That is, the new screen solves the problem of having to turn your fist so that it lights up and you can see something.

There is also a new driver focused on optimizing energy use for this, and a new ambient light sensor. That is, even with the screen always on, the new Apple Watch keep the same battery "all day".

All dials and drills have been optimized for the new display so that they remain visible even at low brightness.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is also gaining an integrated compass. On maps, you can know your direction, and you can put the compass as a complication on dials. There is also a new Bssola app (Compass), with it in full screen developers can of course integrate the compass into their apps.

A really cool security feature will be expanded with the Apple Watch Series 5: Mobile models now have international emergency calling in over 150 countries and regions (here in Brazil, for example, this feature doesn't work; we'll see if that now changes) ).

The Series 5 continues with aluminum models, of course, now 100% recycled. Stainless steel models also continue, but there are now, as expected, new titanium models. The material retained in its original color with a brushed finish also has a "space black" variation. Apple is also bringing back a white ceramic Edition model.

Nike and Herms special models continue with new bracelets and variations. Herms even created new versions very black.

And the prices? In the United States, GPS models will start at $ 400, as it currently stands, and $ 500 for the GPS + Cellular model. Presales begin today, with new models available in stores on September 20, as expected. The Apple Watch Series 3 continue in line, starting at just $ 200 a great price, it is said.

It is worth noting that sleep monitoring, somewhat rumored and anticipated, has not been confirmed. Apple has also commented absolutely nothing about processor improvements, which should indicate that the watch continues with a similar performance of the Series 4.