Heart rate measurement with Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X

Special event: Apple Watch Series 3 launches, with cellular connectivity and processor 40% faster!

The tide is good for the Apple Watch. Tim Cook started the presentation of the new models of the watch celebrating the fact that the Apple accessory is now the best selling watch in the world, surpassing renowned brands such as Rolex, Tissot and Swatch. In addition, user satisfaction is an impressive 97%. But things have to go on, don’t they?

To present the future of Watch, Cook invited COO (operations director) Jeff Williams to the stage, who started his part by talking about watchOS 4 (which we talked about a lot here) and showing some more news in the system, as a new complication that shows your heart rate on the watch face itself; the accessory will also notify the user whenever their heart has an abnormal rate (excellent for patients with cardiac arrhythmia, for example). In this tone, Williams announced the Apple Heart Study initiative, which will analyze data captured by Watch, in partnership with Stanford Medicine. WatchOS 4, by the way, will be released to all users on September 19th.

Heart rate measurement with Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X

Then the star of the show: the Apple Watch Series 3, with built-in cellular networks support – and, yes, the red digital crown. ?

Apple Watch Series 3 with red Digital Crown and cellular connectivity

The new model takes Apple’s original vision for the watch to a new level, which is the idea of ​​going with it anywhere – now, even if you don’t have your iPhone. People can leave their smartphones behind and do everything just with Watch, including calls and messages – the person’s number is the same as on the iPhone – maps, Siri, Apple Music and messages.

Apple Watch Series 3 animated GIF

Within the Apple Watch Series 3, we have a new processor 70% faster – which even allows Siri to speak for the first time on the clock – and new radios included in the W2 chip, which are faster and more energy efficient. The design of the new model also brings important insights: for example, the new Watch’s own screen acts as its cell antennas and the SIM used is of the internal and non-removable type; this allows the Series 3 to be almost exactly the same size as its predecessor (in fact, the only difference is in the glass rear, which extends 0.25mm – slightly more than the previous model).

Hermès version of the Apple Watch Series 3

As it could not be otherwise, Apple also took the time to announce some new bracelets – one of them, a sports model that allows the user’s arm to breathe even when surrounded by the material. The ceramic Apple Watch Edition will obviously also receive all the news from the Series 3 and will also be offered in a new version in dark gray.