Apple Card Customers May Not Have Jailbroken Devices

Special Event: Apple Card is Apple's Credit Card Focused on Simplicity and Privacy

Celebrating the mark of nonsense 10 billion transactions already recorded by Apple payTim Cook introduced the newest face of the service: the Apple card, a credit card focused on simplicity, transparency and security.

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Official Image:

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The Apple Card was created entirely by Ma and brings all the advantages of those who are fully inserted in the company's ecosystem. For example, it is fully integrated into the iPhone: there is no need to wait days for it to arrive; just sign up and start using it immediately on your mobile phone or Apple Watch (where Apple Pay is supported), on the internet, or in apps.

The card interface is very simple and shows the essential information statement, invoice and everything else clearly and interactively. Apple uses machine learning to understand where you used the card and list them in an intuitive and safe way: spending is sorted by color by category, and Apple makes an expense chart for you to control. your money more skillfully.

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Official Image:

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Another very interesting support feature: Apple Card users can contact the card team through iMessage to ask questions, negotiate payments or simply seek information.

In addition, the Apple Card features a benefit program called Daily cash: With every purchase made on the card, you get a small amount back, which you can use any way you want to pay your bill, use it on Apple Pay or send it to your friends on Apple Pay Cash. When you use the Apple Card, you get back 2% of the entire amount spent; For purchases made at Apple (either at its physical and online stores, App Store or iTunes Store), this percentage rises to 3%. The daily value of cash back unlimited.

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Official Image:

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Apple has also created an intuitive system so that the user understands exactly how to control the issues. A simple interface helps the client estimate how much interest they will have to pay if they postpone the invoice payment, and integration with the system calendar makes this process simpler. It is possible, for example, to pay the Apple Card several times a month instead of just a single.

Another good news: The Apple Card has no annual membership fee, late fee, no limit or no international use. Apple also wants to offer interest rates among the lowest in the industry. Even if you fail to pay, there will be no fine, but alternative methods of paying off debt.

The Apple Card is the product of a partnership with US bank Goldman Sachs, and its Mastercard banner. One of the card's focuses on privacy: the number of the card stored in Secure Enclave Apple Pay, and each payment generates a unique and random code, giving the user more security. All purchases are authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID, and neither Apple nor its partners will know what you bought, when you bought it, and how much you paid. All analysis is done locally on the user's device, not on Apple's servers.

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Official Image:

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Fortunately, Apple has also considered an alternative to places where Apple Pay is not yet accepted: a physical card, extremely Apple-like all white and clean, made of titanium and with laser engraved characters. No number, security code, validity or signature information is available on your smartphone. With the physical card, the Daily cash only 1%.

The Apple Card arrives in the US in the summer of the northern hemisphere, still without a forecast for other territories of the world. I already want it!