Special Christmas offers on the App Store: over $ 200 off!

Special Christmas offers on the App Store: over $ 200 off!

Another day, more advance offers from Christmas directly from the South Pole!

IOS apps

Clear Todos app icon

Task list.

Sorry, app not found.

I say.

Deliveries app icon: a package tracker

Track your orders.

Launch Center Pro app icon

Shortcuts on your iPhone.

Soulver app icon

Excellent calculator.

DataCifra app icon - Encrypted Music Manager

Musical utility.

Screens app icon

Remote access to your computer.

Pennies - Budget and Expenses app icon

Financial manager.

Sorry, app not found.

Creation of texts.

Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Good calendar option.

Scanner Pro app icon

Utility for scanning documents, photos, etc.

Readdle Printer Pro app icon

Printing utility.

PDF Expert 7 app icon: edit PDF

Utility for PDFs.

PCalc app icon

Another good calculator option.

Sorry, app not found.

Weather forecast.

Star Walk app icon - Astronomy guide

Star guide.

Star Walk HD app icon: Astronomical guide

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPads.

Terminology Dictionary app icon

Dictionary and more.

Whink app icon

Notes, doodles and more.

MoviePro - Pro Video Recorder app icon

Video editing with many features.

App icon Where To? (Where To?)

Local guide.

Notability app icon


WaterMinder app icon

Utility for drinking water.

Games for iOS

I am Bread app icon

Be a fearless bread.

Goat Simulator GoatZ app icon

Zombie goats.

Duet Game app icon

Challenging game.

Tiny Guardians app icon


Door Kickers app icon

Special misses.

Simple Machines app icon by Tinybop

Excellent game from Tinybop.

Civilization Revolution 2 app icon

Thrive your civilization.

Find – the – Line app icon

Find the line.

Sorry, app not found.

Tower-defense with good graphics.

Ticket to Ride app icon

Board game.

Sorry, app not found.

Classic game.

OS X Applications

Sorry, app not found.

Utility for screen recording.

Sorry, app not found.

Twitter client.

Clear app icon - Tasks and To-Do List

Task list.

Sorry, app not found.

Excellent password manager.

Deliveries app icon

Utility for orders.

PCalc app icon

Much more than a calculator.

Sorry, app not found.

Remote access.

Sorry, app not found.

I say.

Games for OS X

Anomaly Warzone Earth app icon

Tower-defense with good graphics.

Anomaly Korea app icon

Same as the previous one.

Leo's Fortune app icon

Beautiful adventure game.

Broken Age app icon


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