Spec battle: Between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X who will win the title of best console?

To try to preview the difference between graphics cards, Kotaku says that the PS5 GPU is equivalent to a Radeon RX 5700, while the Xbox Series X is equivalent to a Radeon RX Vega 56, submitting them to the GPUCheck benchmark comparator. Considering that this is a test in a PC environment and not in consoles, it is still possible to have a small idea of ​​the differences in frames per second that guide the comparators. The differences exist, but they are not very clear, in the theoretical field, obviously.

tek ps5 and xbox series x (C) Kotaku

still emphasized by the hardware experts, that the PS5 more malevel when it comes to adjusting the performance of the CPU and GPU by the needs of the producers.

SSD will be the next generation key

But where Sony invested all of its chips was in the SSD, and so it deserves most of the time that Mark Cerny took to talk about the console. The PS5's SSD will be 825 GB, but with a speed of 5.5 GB per second. Microsoft presents a 1 TB NVME SSD, but at half the speed of its rival: 2.4 GB per second of speed.

Just look at a computer and laptop that has an operating system installed on an SSD to notice the abysmal difference from a machine that has a conventional hard drive. By itself, SSDs will revolutionize the new consoles in terms of performance, and in this case, on paper, Sony's solution has twice the performance of Microsoft's console. The loading of the games may be different between the two machines.

Sony's bet on a solution produced by its internal engineering includes different pieces of hardware, a flash controller, a 12-channel interface and even a special I / O unit. Mark Cerny believes that the SSD is the key to the new generation, and its solution is the result of conversations with many producers, as games were previously designed for consoles with slow discs. And for that, certain tricks were used, such as sequences with long staircases or tunnels that hid loads in the background.

The Sony architect says the ambition is to instantly load games, breaking some paradigms of how games are installed. This introduction will give producers freedom to create their concepts without having to think about the loading barrier and loading screens. With SSD, both consoles will benefit from this argument. Still, Mark Cerny points out that the file compression system will also affect the performance of the games, as if winking at sloppy producers who fail to optimize their game code, considering the power of the console.

Note that Sony has plans for PS5 users to purchase PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD drives to easily increase the available free space. Microsoft commissioned Seagate to develop 1TB expansion cards. This is good news for players who are currently struggling to manage disk space, uninstalling games to install others.

Regarding memory, both consoles bet on 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, differing in the speed of the bus. The PS5 has a 256 mb bus, while the Xbox Series X has a 320 mb bus. In this sense, the Microsoft console has more data traffic lines, as it divides the total memory into two channels of bandwidth: one from 10 GB to 560 GB / s, another from 6 GB to 336 GB / s.

As for the reading unit, the two consoles feature a 4K UHD Blu-ray player.

Until the launch of the consoles, scheduled for next Christmas, if there are no changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are still several things to reveal. The design and features of the PS5 controller, the DualShock 5 are yet to be revealed. And of course, the design of the Sony console itself. Microsoft has already been more open, having already revealed the design of its next box.

The next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles promises to fight head-to-head, both with their own technical weapons. The two manufacturers have their internal stadiums producing exclusive games for their respective consoles. Microsoft is still launching the xCloud gaming cloud service to take on PlayStation Now. And even its Xbox Game Pass catalog, with the promise of including most of its exclusives, makes it essential for players to have access to new pricing features. of a monthly subscription.

It should also be noted that graphics cards introduce ray tracing effects technology in console environments, in addition to the promise of 8K gaming. There is also Microsoft's quick resume technology, which means that players can resume games even after a reboot of the machine.

But in the face of so much technology there is a question that continues to echo in the minds of players: how much will the ticket cost to enter this new generation of consoles?

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