Spark wins task delegation feature; Twitter and Google Drive receive news

And we're back with three popular app updates from App store!


Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

The popular iOS / macOS email client has gained a new feature for both platforms that will be extremely useful for those who use this type of communication at work: the ability to delegate emails as tasks for your colleagues or subordinates.

This allows a group manager or leader to receive emails and immediately assign them to one or more team members as a task; It is possible to set a date for the end. The selected person will receive the email just like anyone else, but Spark warns them that it is a task and displays the deadline for its completion. When the “email task” is marked as completed, the manager receives a notification informing them of the fact.

Here's a demo video:

Spark for Teams' exclusive tool allows up to ten delegations per month in its free version; To unlock full functionality, I need to upgrade to Spark Premium, for $ 8 per user per month.


Twitter app icon

The bird social network, in turn, introduced a very useful news for those who like to publish photos and videos: a camera Completely renovated, more affordable and powerful.

Did you see anything? Tute! Our new camera is just a gesture away, so you can capture what you want quickly. Available to all users in the coming days.

With the change, the camera leaves the hidden place where it was until today, in the writing tool tweets, for a privileged position, similar to Instagram. Just swipe to the left of your timeline and you can shoot or shoot right away, including the option to stream live from there.

Once you have captured the content, you can choose the text to add, a highlight color and hashtags Custom Twitter will suggest some, even based on your location. There will be no prioritization of the media created by the new camera in the network algorithm, but they will be used more often in the "What's Happening" tab.

For now, there is no information on stickers or funny filters fortunately, it looks like Twitter wants to be serious about its platform.

Google Drive

Google Drive app icon - Storage

Cloud service has gained a store bath and now obeys the latest philosophy guidelines Material Design, as Google did with Gmail a few months ago.

The new interface has more white areas, revamped fonts, and a lower navigation priority than the menu at the bottom now gives you faster access options. A new tab called Home, shows the most accessed and relevant user files for quick opening.

IOS and Android users will receive the update over the next few weeks.