Spark gets text formatting; WhatsApp, iMazing and GIPHY also get good updates.

In recent days, some popular apps have received good updates inside and outside the App Store. Let's check them out?


I used Spark for a long time as my standard email client and, undoubtedly, one thing I really missed was the possibility of formatting my texts. Well, developer Readdle just solved it!

Spark text formatting for Mac

Both Spark for macOS and iOS have received major updates this week adding bold, italic and underline, typography and highlight color, ordered and unordered lists, indentation and link insertion ie all we are entitled to.

That in itself should surely be good enough for many to consider trying out Spark.

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

WhatsApp Messenger

Our indispensable dear WhatsApp has made it easy to add new contacts in version 2.19.30.

You can now enter a phone number and verify that it is on WhatsApp before adding it. s touch New conversation New contact to start.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon


For those who want to manage virtually every aspect of the iPhone / iPad through their Mac (or PC), back up and more in an infinitely better way than iTunes, the iMazing software is without a doubt.

And it just got a major update that adds support for both iMessage and WhatsApp messaging, so users can view them from their computer and store them as they prefer including photos, videos, contacts and other attachments.

Browsing messages in iMazing

New versions of iMazing also improve message printing, bring you a more accurate search, put more data into exported CSV files, and bring overall improvements in performance and stability.


Finally, in version 3.5.0 GIPHY has received major changes in its iMessage app, which can now access uploads and create GIFs directly through the iOS Messaging app interface.

The developer has also brought GIF optimizations for people with slow connections, allowing you to quickly choose what you want to send but don't worry, the original quality version to send.

GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine app icon