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Space Zoom: New feature is not exclusive to the S20 Ultra

Space Zoom: New feature exclusive to the S20 Ultra

With Samsung's first annual Unpacked event, which took place today, the new Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra arrived. In addition to the smartphones in the S20 line, the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds Plus were also presented.

But what caught the eye was the technology and features included in the cameras of the new Galaxy S20. However, a feature that until then was indicated to be only of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is also available on other devices.

In addition to the high resolution photos and the ability to record videos at 8K, the feature that most caught the attention of Space Zoom. Space Zoom offers users an incredible ability to zoom in when taking a photo.

In a press release from Samsung, an excerpt revealed the mystery, see:

With the Galaxy S20's Space Zoom technology, even when you're away, you can zoom in. Use up to 30x zoom on the Galaxy S20 and S20 + with Space Zoom, our AI based Super Zoom or up to 100x with Space Zoom, on the S20 Ultra with 10x hybrid optical zoom.

So, yes, we will have the resource available for the entire S20 line, regardless of the model. For the S20 Ultra, we will have a zoom with a greater range. In addition, we realized that the camera software is delivering smoother transitions between cameras, as good as the ones that Apple delivers on new iPhones.

Difference between clear images. We have a considerable loss in detail with 100x zoom.Difference between clear images. Based on the images captured during the presentation, we have a considerable loss of detail with 100x zoom.

Regardless, 30x zoom on the S20 and S20 + models already seems great. It is also worth remembering that the resolution achieved with the 30x zoom delivers clearer results than the 100x zoom, which during the presentation demonstrated to deliver little detail and sharpness.

We still do not know if the camera that has 108 megapixels has improved over the present in the Mi Note 10. In the Xiaomi device, when using this mode, HDR, stabilization and other features that improve the photo in general are lost.

The way to wait for new information about this capture mode. Anyway, knowing that we have the new Galaxy S20 line delivering sharp images with up to 30x zoom makes me even more anxious to test the new devices.

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