Specials of the day on the App Store: Space Marshals, Alleys, DeskCover and more!

Space Marshals is the newest “Free App of the Week”; if you haven't downloaded it yet, enjoy!

If you didn't download it when it was the highlight of our post the day before yesterday's offers, here's a reminder: Space Marshals, excellent game for iOS developed by Pixelbite, the newest App of the week selected by Apple!

Space Marshals app icon

Usually costing $ 5 on the App Store, the game features an old western space adventure. You take on the role of specialist Burton, having to hunt down dangerous fugitives after a prison violation.

Unfortunately it is not translated into Portuguese, but with minimal knowledge of English (or you can put it in Spanish, if you prefer) it is possible to have a lot of fun. Enjoy! 😃