Sources indicate that Jony Ive started moving away from Apple in 2015 when he was promoted to design director

A story like the exit of Sir Jony Ive Apple does not give in just one post, of course. Just yesterday, we had to stop recording our podcast # 328 to post this bomb here on the site and with that, fortunately, we were able to include the agenda in the episode to be published today; but the subject is still giving up the sleeve.

Mark Gurman, who has a number of well-known sources of information within Apple, wasted no time in finding out a number of details about this unexpected move in the company's executive body. He published a new report today on Bloomberg which basically says Ive started moving away from Apple in May 2015, when he was promoted to design director.

Yes, paradoxical, but at the same time it makes sense. The position of CDO (Chief Design Officer) never existed at Apple; since that time, it was said to have been created especially for Ive and yes, there were those who realized at that time that this was not a common movement, but the "beginning of a farewell".

In fact, according to sources consulted by Gurman, Apple's Ive exit began four years ago. Since then, he has only been with the company a couple of times a week, spending most of his time at his own San Francisco studio, sometimes meeting at hotels and also going to his homeland, London.

Apple executivesFrom left to right: Phil Schiller, Tony Fadell, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, and Eddy Cue are the first and last at Apple.

"This (Ive's exit) has been thinking for a long time," said one of the anonymous sources, associating the start of the movement with the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015.

Another curious piece of information from the story is that Evans Hankey, the person who is basically taking over from Ive as an industrial design leader, is not a de facto designer but an excellent leader / team manager. According to Gurman, since Richard Howarth "lost" the VP position (in fact, he doesn't have the leader profile himself), the whole team has responded directly to her and she to Ive.

While news of Ive's exit has fallen like a bomb to the “outside world,” Apple workers say the ad is only doing something that happened years ago, that nothing (or very little) will change there. Apple's idea of ​​being more closely linked to the company's design team than ever before, when it was promoted, “was never true,” they said.

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Even the photographic book “Designed by Apple in California”, released in late 2016, now seen as another early move from Ive's exit. Steve Troughton-Smith got it right at the time:

Just being in the last 20 years says a lot about Ive's portfolio, not Apple. My impression is that his career is heading towards a close.

I would never bet that by leaving Apple, Ive found a new company like what he's doing with his partner Marc Newson. At the same time, it is quite possible that LoveFrom is not a conventional design firm, that the two really only get involved in super-special, unique and rare projects. Things that really give them both pleasure and recognition.

If we consider that Ive been at Apple since 1992 and leading his design team since 1996, it is natural to imagine that sooner or later he would want to take that weight off his back. Your mark on history has already been made.

Jonathan (Jony) Ive

The last grand project that had Ive's deep involvement was not a product. It was, of course, the Apple Park. The creation is now delivered to the people who will continue to write the company's story in a new phase.