Future guesses for Apple: new iPad in January 2011, MacBooks Pro + Final Cut in April

Sources: Apple should not launch a tablet in September, but in early 2010

Apple Logo Pro

Even with all the noise that speculation about an alleged Apple tablet has been making, sources linked to the The Loop they inform that she will not make any launches of the type next month. The event will focus only on updates for the company's music business, where the context of a computer in the form of a tablet does not fit.

“Sources familiar with the product” are cited, who consider this speculation to be wrong and say that such a tablet will not come on the market before 2010. John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, also considers it as something that will not show up this year.

The products to be announced in September are essential to complement Apple's line of year-end sales, but make no reference to anything other than music and the businesses related to that area.

If that's true, the way to wait. And if it's a computer, I have no idea how Apple's mobile platform would integrate with something like that. I'd rather think about being a Mac, thanks.