MacBooks Air with Retina screens

Sources also indicate that new MacBooks Air will come with Retina displays

First MacBooks Pro, then iMacs and now MacBooks Air: all these are expected to win Retina screens soon, according to rumors.

MacBooks Air with Retina screens

While the new MBPs are expected next month, at WWDC 2012, it is unlikely that the new Airs and iMacs will arrive with it. Apple tends to release upgrades of its Macs little by little, but one can never say with certainty about the company’s exact plans.

The new MacBooks Air should also incorporate Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” chips, in addition to an improved battery to handle the greater processing power and so many pixels in its new display. The product’s exterior design, unlike the Pros, is unlikely to be modified. While these are expected to win USB 3.0 ports, Apple has yet to decide whether its entry-level laptops will also feature the fastest interface.

Of course, both the 11.6 and 13.3-inch versions of MacBooks Air will need to be updated together.

[via 9to5Mac]