SoundShare 4 lands with big news; Tripsy, Google Keep, and AutoSleep are also updated.

Recently, some apps from the App Store have been updated with new features and important news, including the app SoundShare, developed by Brazilian Mateus Abras. He came to his fourth verse with more than desired news, as we shall see below. See also what the apps update Trispy, Google Keep and Auto sleep brought it back.


SoundShare app icon

After the success of the third version of SoundShare, the new app update brought even more elements that underline its principle: connecting people through music.

What's new, users can now easily find other people nearby when starting a party and adding playlists Party Mode to play automatically. Also, accepting a party invitation just got even more practical with the new layout of the app's internal notifications.

The new version also features a new Party Mode player interface, allowing guests to pause and even change songs while playlist reproduced. Moreover, it is now possible to change the party's host in a very simple way.

Another big news is the support for Siri Shortcuts, and Matthew saved no time in simplifying tasks with this feature, introduced in iOS 12. Among the shortcuts available, you can play a song, pause it, change tracks, start an playlist, start a party, play the music of the day, send music to friends, and more.

In addition, several other enhancements have been added in this release, such as 3D Touch (to quickly view profiles of other users, music, albums, playlists, etc.) and redesigned interfaces for daytime music screens and albums. In addition, new users can now try SoundShare without creating an in-app account.


Tripsy app icon

The app Tripsy It is a great travel manager who always keeps you alert of the best travel conditions. In this update, the app has gained a feature of automatic flight completion, which searches, from the user's reservation number, information about airports, departure and arrival times, terminals, ports and luggage.

In addition, users premium now have the option to enable automatic flight updates, which works in a similar way to the above feature (updating users of schedules, terminals, gates and other flight information via notifications push.

The app has also gained support for several different time zones, so you can view activities at the time of your travel destination. For Brazilians and foreigners, Tripsy now has a new five-day itinerary to Rio de Janeiro (feature premium) and new categories with children's play, relaxation and shopping options.

Google Keep

Google Keep app icon: Notes and lists

The Mountain View giant's annotation app has also been recently updated with (finally) Apple Watch support, allowing users to view and create new lists and reminders right from the handle.

In Apple Watch, notes are displayed as cards and can display up to two lines of text (including the title). Through Force Touch, you can create a new list by using audio (transcription) or drawing (as in the iMessage app). It is also possible to archive and pin lists at the top by the clock.

While the Google service is lacking in some features (such as Siri support), this app is a simple (and free) option for users who want to sync their notes between Apple Watch, Android devices, and the web.

Auto sleep

AutoSleep app icon. Monitor your sleep.

Popular with services that promise to monitor and analyze sleep, the app Auto sleep has come to version 6.1 with some news and improvements since its last major update, released last December.

The app now displays the “Today” panel and shows your night data in more detail by new bar graphs, including time and sleep level, your most recent bedtime and general information for your night.

In addition to adding panels to Siri Shortcuts (for quick viewing), AutoSleep has gained a new setting that allows you to customize the look of the watch on your smartphone. The Apple Watch app has also gained several improvements, including a new watch dial complication.