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SoundCloud is already well known among musicians as well as music lovers. Really famous the website, but today we will present you the official app for Android. Follow our review and learn more about SoundCloud for Android.

Functions & Usage

Device: LG Optimus BlackAndroid Android: 2.3.4Root: NoMods: No

For those not familiar with SoundCloud, here is a brief explanation: this is a kind of social network for musicians, a music distribution platform. SoundCloud users can upload your music so others can access and listen to it.

The SoundCloud project was created here in Berlin and don't think it's just dedicated to too many secondary or alternative artists, since even the famous make use of this feature to spread their creation. SoundCloud already has over 3 million registered users.

The app occupies 6MB and unfortunately does not export it to the SD card. In addition, it requires a number of permissions, such as exact location or access to personal contact details. To enjoy the app, therefore, you must comply with these requests.

Another aspect that should be noted is that the application is in English only. It is not necessary to speak the language at Shakespeare level or to know the most sophisticated terms, but a basic notion does not hurt.

The first thing to do when starting SoundClound is to sign up through SoundCloud itself or through your Facebook account.

In general, the application has five miscellaneous functions. On the one hand, there is Streaming, where you can see the flow of new tracks posted by artists we follow. It's an interesting feature because it lets you know all that is going on in the world of SoundCloud and music in general.

In Activity, you see users who add some song of yours as their favorite, their comments and those who follow you.

To dust REC, in turn, allows you to record something from your smartphone. The quality is obviously not the best in the world, but when you have a smartphone in hand, you can't want everything perfect. Once you have recorded a song, you can name it as you like and specify whether it is a public or private recording.

With the option You, you have access to your profile and list of the following themes and artists. Just click on a song and you have the option to play it, insert it among your favorites, comment on it and so on.

Finally, there is a search function called Search with which other artists and songs can be sought. You select Sound or People to specify what you want.

Other than that, SoundCloud offers many configuration options in terms of notification, recording quality or connection. We must admit that the variety of options here is so large that a plus point of the app.

Conclusion:SoundCloud is a very convincing application. The main functions and options already present on the site are also available in the app. Some features are missing, such as being able to send messages to other users or being able to download music tracks or DJ sets, but all in all, our assessment can only be positive.

Screen & Controls

SoundCloud's interface is very well done, beautifully designed and very clear. The functions are divided into Streaming, Activity, Rec, You and Search. Moreover, thanks to the customization functions, it is possible to customize the whole later.

Speed ​​& Stability

During our tests, SoundCloud turned out to be very fluid, with no blocking or error. We have nothing to complain about.

Price / Performance Ratio

SoundCloud is available for free on our App Center and best of all: no banner advertising. Incredible!