Soon you will choose if you want to be added to groups in WhatsApp

Soon you will choose if you want to be added to groups in WhatsApp

Have you ever imagined a world where you are not abruptly placed in a group of WhatsApp Messenger Didn't you make the slightest point of participating? Well, everyone must have a story like this. The good news is that in the last beta of the app this problem has been solved in a very simple and efficient way!

This feature, in fact, was implemented by WhatsApp in the enterprise app for some time, since many corporate users were added in groups without permission. The feature is so obvious and necessary not only for corporate users that, according to the WABetaInfo, be tested now more widely (in the next beta) and should be released soon for everyone.

Once the app is properly updated with the feature, just go to Settings Account Privacy Groups. There you will find three options, which work as follows:

  • "All": basically how everything works today; You can be added to a group by anyone.
  • "My contacts": You will be added directly to any group if the administrator is properly registered in your calendar; If it is not, you will receive an invitation.
  • "None": In this option, you will always receive an invitation to join a group and have up to 72 hours to accept or not.


When you are invited to join a group, a new chat will be created and you choose whether or not to join by tapping the "Accept" button or the "Decline" button. This, as I said, within 72 hours.

Note that this option is different from joining a group by a link that is still available regardless of the privacy settings you choose.

Very simple and useful in it?

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