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Soon you will be able to test Android apps without downloading them

J imagined being able to test an Android app without having to install it? That is precisely what Google is offering, for now, only in the United States. In an announcement on its official blog, the company said users searching Google Search through an Android device could see information inside apps. In addition, it will be possible to test the program itself directly from the mobile browser without downloading anything.

The reason for this, according to the company, which in the early days of Google, when the Internet was still crawling, searching for something on the PC was synonymous with sitting in a chair, opening Google search engine and searching for the sites with the best information about Google. subject matter. Nowadays, if you want to search for anything, wherever you are, just pull out your smartphone and type or speak the search terms. In other words, things evolve and today are much different than 10 years ago, for example.

Often the most accurate answer to your question lies within an application. In order for the user to have access to it, however, they need to download the app, which may take a few minutes and only then fetch the information inside it.

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  Google already tests streaming apps without having to install them. /  Google
<p>An example of how this new Google Search option works: Suppose you took a trip and booked a hotel. However, a number of unforeseen events made you have to leave this hotel and now you need to find another, urgent one! Just open Google Search and search for Hotel in City X for now. One of the search results will be a hotel application that shows the options currently available.</p>
<p> Often the most accurate answer to your question lies within an application. For the user to have access to it, however, need to download the app. So far.
<p>This program runs via streaming to your mobile phone, eliminating the need to download the app to search for a new hotel room. This is by far more efficient and faster for the user.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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However, the company reports that not all apps will be compatible with the news. For now, only 9 programs are compatible. Also, not anyone who can test, just residents of the United States. If the idea works as expected, this resource can be taken to other places, such as Brazil.

This opens possibility for other utilities as well. For example, suppose you want a paid app but are in doubt whether it meets your needs. Just test it via streaming without installing it. Another example: you search for a route to a particular destination and Google search will find the answer inside Waze, if you have not installed it, it will be streamed on your mobile screen. Of course, they are just assumptions, but they are perfectly plausible to happen.

And you, what do you think of this new feature?

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