Soon you will be able to record your games on your Android screen and share gameplays.

How about being able to record very easily the games you play on your Android in real time? After the launch of YouTube Gaming, the search giant now offers you the chance to record your gaming progress and encourages you to make them public. Check out the details below.

After updating the Google Play Games app, it will be easy to record your game progress and post them on YouTube to anyone who wants to see. Once you have updated the application, simply click the "save game" button and you will have a video of your game in real time. Videos will be available in 480p and 720p resolutions, and you can use the front camera to record your reactions during games. The app will make use of your Android microphone to record external audio.

In the image below you have a small example of what we can expect:

Although the APK APK is already available through the APK Mirror website, the service currently operates only in the US and England. However, we hope that after this testing period, the Google Play Games update will be released for all regions.

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And, would you use this tool to post your progress and moves with the rest of the planet?

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