Soon you will be able to play Xbox titles on your iPhone via streaming.

Platforms for playing complete / console cloud games and accessing them on a variety of devices, such as smartphones or tablets, already exist. PlayStation Now has its loyal user base, and NVIDIA's GeForce Now is in beta until Google has a project to that end. No vision for such a service, however, seems to be as ambitious as the one announced yesterday by Microsoft.

The redmond giant opened the project's curtains xCloud, the future service of streaming Xbox games that support devices of all types and bring proven platform titles, from the simplest to the heaviest / most complex, to just about any screen you want iPhone and iPad included, of course without having to worry about specs or hardware ; The only need, of course, is to be a good and stable internet connection.

XCloud will be based on Azure cloud service, also from Microsoft, and often praised for its infrastructure and reliability; servers will be spread across 54 regions of the planet, including one right here in southern Brazil. The idea that gamers use Xbox controllers connected to their device via Bluetooth is already showing the company, for example, a clip that connects to joystick from the console and allows you to attach a smartphone to it. For more casual games, you can also use touch controls, displayed on the screen itself.

For now, xCloud is in the early stages of implementation according to Microsoft, thousands of developers are already working on titles for the platform, whether they are entirely new creations or ports existing games. We'll still have to wait to see the variety of this library or the amount of popular Xbox titles that will be included in it, of course.

The early stages of xCloud public beta will begin sometime next year, and by then, more information about the project will be released by Microsoft. The really good idea if the company does everything right, we may be seeing another revolution in the world of video games. Do you agree?

via TechCrunch