Soon you will be able to measure your blood pressure with the iPhone camera

There is no doubt that both people and technology companies are increasingly investing in health. This proves the popularity of the Apple watch, which has become an indispensable device for those who like to practice physical activities or who need to monitor certain medical conditions.

In spite of this trend, we have already talked about various applications and gadgets More specifically monitoring heart health related data is a good example of the Brazilian Heart Care app, which uses the iPhone's camera to measure your heart rate.

Similarly, the company Vital labs is developing an application called Vitality, which use the iPhone camera and the graphic processing power of the device to measure the blood pressure from the user.

The purpose of the app is to make the method of measuring blood pressure more accurate, and to note possible conditions that may affect the cardiovascular system.

Combining the iPhone camera with its processing power, the Vitality app uses the photoplethysmography (imaging technique that measures the change in light intensity according to blood passing through vessels and tissues) to generate real-time graphs displaying the measurement results.

This technique results in a signal that, as we said, varies with blood circulation. The app will then capture these signals and convert them into a 1080p video at 120 frames per second, then process them and provide a complete report on the state and possible changes in the cardiovascular system.

While Vitality is not yet available to the public, it is possible to sign up to participate in the beta testing of the app according to Vital Labs, new users are chosen daily to try out the software. The final version of the app should only be available next year.

via TechCrunch