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Soon you will be able to follow subjects and post Live Photos on Twitter

O Twitter follow his crusade so as not to lose the turtle footprint itself: here and there, news is presented that maintains the interest and engagement of the public, but nothing that compares to the dizzying pace of, say, Instagram. Well, at least they keep paying attention to the platform itself.

As reported by The verge, the bird's social network is testing some new features that may (or may not) reach the computer, smartphone or tablet (or smart fridge) closest to you in the near future.

Follow subjects and hashtags

The first of these is the possibility of follow subjects and hashtags of interest to you more or less as Instagram has allowed for some time.

With the novelty, users will be able to follow topics (such as a football team, a television event, a celebrity or a broader theme, for example) without necessarily resorting to searching or following related kilo accounts; the tweets of the subject followed appear on your timeline next to the accounts you follow, and will be healed by Twitter itself with the help of machine learning.

When the feature airs, you can also mute subjects quickly so avoid catching spoilers of that series that you like and follow but haven't had time to watch the latest episode yet. According to the network, the number of topics and topics that may be followed will be limited, and set by Twitter itself.

Twitter is already testing the feature on its Android app, but only with a limited number of users and only a few select sports-related subjects. Soon, it should expand to all platforms where the network is present (such as iOS and macOS) and offer more topics of interest.

Create lists

One more feature being tested is the ability to create lists for specific interests that, unlike the lists that already exist on Twitter today, would be more easily accessible and able to follow, besides accounts, subjects and hashtags. In network testing, you can access these lists simply by dragging your finger on your main timeline, which makes the experience much more interesting.

Support s Live Photos

The bird network has also confirmed that support Live Photos iOS is on its way. This will allow users to post “animated” photos directly from their iPhone or iPad on the platform, and their followers can easily view the content without the need for conversations or redirects. It is not known when the resource will be released, however.

Other news

In addition, Twitter has announced that allowing users rearrange photo order on the composition screen of tweets and introduce (finally!) a tool for search DMs.

Already in relation to the infamous edit buttonThe development team was laconic: "Something we are likely to do at some point, but it is not at the top of our priorities now."

Ok then

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