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Soon you will be able to add music to your Instagram Stories; Facebook is developing its version of Bitmojis

It hasn't even been a week since the Facebook announced a series of news for all its products at the F8 conference, but that does not mean that Mark Zuckerberg and his gang have stopped to rest. Today, two more news were announced by the giant's domains Instagram and Facebook's own social network.

Music in Stories

Last week, Instagram announced the integration of the very popular Stories with third party services, including Spotify and, a few days later, we are already seeing a plethora of users sharing their favorite music smarter.

New Instagram Music Stickers feature

Now, the musical element of the platform's stories is to go even deeper: according to a reader of TechCrunch that has been combing the code of the previous version of the app, Instagram introduces a new feature (previously) called Music Stickers (Musical Stickers), which will allow users to add music directly to their Stories.

The result of a series of Facebook partnerships with some of the largest record labels in the world, the feature appears alongside current location, temperature and related stickers; you simply select the desired track from the types of music listed (there will be a number of styles available, as well as the most popular songs of the moment) and position the element in your creation. Your viewers will then be able to simply touch the sticker to listen to the music in question.

The feature still has no date to debut, but we can possibly expect it in the coming months.

Facebook Bitmoji

This one more feature revealed by TechCrunch after an analysis of the code of the Facebook app for Android. To the general surprise of the nation, the blue giant is developing its own version of yet another feature commonly identified with Snapchat: o Bitmoji.

Facebook's new Bitmoji

If you are over 25 years old, I explain: Bitmoji is a service that allows the user to create a kind of cartoon avatar based (or not) on their own characteristics; the tool was purchased by Snap and incorporated into Snapchat, which used its functionality to improve its stickers and chat possibilities.

Now Facebook is working on something like that. Apparently, avatars will be deeply integrated into the network environment, and can be used in posts, comments and Facebook Messenger. “A new way of expressing yourself” as the company defines the new creation, which has already been confirmed TechCrunch after its discovery.

Like the musical stickers, the “Bitmoji do Facebook” still has no date to debut, but we can wait for them in the coming months.