Soon Google Photos will correct your facial expressions automatically

Who has never taken a sequence of photos during a party or other occasions with friends and family, and when reviewing them, noticed that they had not done well in any of them? This almost always happens, especially in group portraits, when we have no control over the camera capturing the photo. Now a Google patent intends to end this problem.

The search giant has filed a patent that should be used on Google Photos, which should merge data from other images to correct the user's facial expression in the photos automatically.

This type of feature can be found in Photoshop, for example, or even in applications that edit images and focus on the user's face, such as Facetune. However, these software require manual work, while the Google patent-registered function is intended to do all of this corrective work automatically.

Photos may store user information in a kind of internal database, such as facial recognition, and be able to replace certain facial expressions with others. The bank will be able to store the image of the user's lips, his expression lines, the eyes, the nose and among other details.

Google Photos Caching To FIx Photos
Patent filing showing appeal in Ao / What a Future

The most interesting here is that, according to the website information Win a Future, who discovered the registration of this patent, it will be possible to correct other photos using this stored information, not just a recent sequence. So if you took a photo three weeks ago and did not go out smiling at it as you wished, you could correct this problem using the smile of another recently captured image that you have enjoyed.

If implemented to Google Photos, this user-based facial correction feature will be a great extra for the app, which is one of the most complete of the moment. Google recently released some numbers about Photos, which hit the billion-store mark on the Play Store. Of this total, about 500 million users use the app every day and together upload 1.2 billion photos daily.

And, will this feature work right? Have you ever needed to use any imaging application to correct facial expressions?

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