Soon Android users will be able to watch Facebook videos on TV

Soon Android users will be able to watch Facebook videos on TV

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already said that the future of Facebook's shared content will be video and text. To this end, the services offered by the social network are being optimized to bring the best experience to users. Now, as we have on YouTube, Facebook also offers the option of streaming video on television. Check below how to do this.

If you have a Chromecast (or any Google Cast-enabled device, such as an Android TV, for example) or an Apple TV (or other AirPlay-compatible device), you can stream Facebook videos to your TV. What makes this feature a little different from what we have on YouTube is how we can interact with the video during the broadcast.

While the video is playing on television, you can interact using real-time onscreen reactions and comments, or continue using Facebook, and even read your news feed and search for other videos.

Android platform users will be receiving the feature soon

As usual, the new feature only works for iOS users. However, it is also possible to use it from a web browser, but I have not yet succeeded in trying to do it here in the newsroom. According to the Facebook team, Android platform users will receive the feature soon.

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On iOS it is already possible to stream video on TV from Facebook / AndroidPIT

How to watch Facebook videos on your TV

  • When you find a video on your timeline, click on it and then the TV icon that appears at the top right (just like on YouTube);
  • Select the TV you want to use to watch the video.

And, have you ever used the video streaming feature on TV from your Facebook timeline?

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